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Why Choose a Pool Cover

  • Keeps leaves and debris out of the pool
  • Saves you cleaning time
  • Reduces algae growth- enjoy the weekend swimming, not cleaning
  • Less chemicals required to maintain the pool
  • Reduces evaporation-save on water bills
  • Poolsavers is a leading fabricator and supplier of Pool Covers with over 30 years experience. Our Pool Covers are custom made to specifications and requirements of our clients.
  • Poolsavers can fabricate and install Pool Covers for all sizes and most shapes of pools.

Mesh Pool Covers

We pride ourselves in presenting our clients with the highest quality in-ground pool liners; ensuring both durability and sustainability. Our in-ground pool liners are manufactured using only 100% virgin vinyl and bleach resistant inks that will maintain your pool’s appearance for lifetime.

Soft to touch and easy to clean. Our stunning range of in-ground pool liner designer colours and patterns means you can create the ultimate pool for the whole family.







Swimming pool covers are typically exposed to high levels of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and chemical attack. GeoBubble Pool Covers made in a material designed specifically for this environment, making the pool cover more resistant to these attacks and enabling a longer lifespan.

To understand the science of GeoBubble, it helps to look at the traditional bubble material used for pool covers. Originally their design was developed and adapted from the packaging industry, which is a high-volume, low-quality packaging bubble material with a short lifespan. Because of this, traditional bubbles have several inherent weaknesses in their design, including thin points and high residual stress areas. Thin points in a bubble design create weak points which are quickly broken down by UV rays and chemical attack. The degradation process is accelerated in areas of high stress as these areas are under constant strain. This results in the bubble material breaking down and will ultimately cause the premature failure of the pool cover. This is because of the inherent weakness within the bubble design produced by stress created in the material during manufacture. The angular profile of the traditional bubble design mould forces the material to move against the polymers natural flow characteristics applying stress which results in a thinning of the material and areas of high residual stress.

The GeoBubble has been designed to elevate these stresses during the moulding of the bubble profile. The geometric bubble allows the material to be formed without fighting the polymers rheological properties resulting in a material with a more uniform thickness, minimising the residual stress within the polymer structure.

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